Science killed my religion, Cosmic horror brought it back

My name is Carlos E. Lopez I am senior at the University of Houston. My major is Political science and my minor is history. I am awful with technology and I’m hoping that it won’t cost me my grade. As far as what kind of heathen I am, I would consider myself as an agnostic. The entire trip down that road was kind of weird, I was raised as a Catholic but slowly turned into an agnostic as I slowly realized that I couldn’t really rationalize the existence of a God, the fear of hell though wouldn’t really let me go.

The older I got the less I began to care about what happened to me in the afterlife, I didn’t really care if I appeased a god who I didn’t understand and who didn’t really care about me. I didn’t really dwell on it too much after that I figured I had wasted enough time already. The next time I was forced to think about it was when I was reading some cosmic horror casually, and the concept of gods who didn’t care or that were actually so far out of our comprehension we could never understand them. It was like Lovecraft’s idea that we would lose our sanity just trying to comprehend them. The idea that we cant understand Gods methods, only made sense when it was explained in a more scientific and horrifying way.

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.  – H.P. Lovecraft


2 thoughts on “Science killed my religion, Cosmic horror brought it back

  1. You made a good point about not being able to comprehend and fully understand God. How could we if that being is otherworldly and not human as we are? We can drive ourselves mad trying to figure out existence and the meaning behind it.


  2. I’m not sure how happy religious people would be that people gain faith in the idea of the horrifying existence of God, but if it gets you back in the swing of it they can’t really complain! I have to say that fear of Hell is a unique problem with people raised Catholic (it was so strange for me, I learned afterwards that neither of my parents were actually Catholic but they sent me to a Catholic school) but Catholic scripture really enjoys the stick as much as the carrot. I think connecting that sort of feeling with the cosmic horror could be an intriguing blog post, and I hope I get to see it!


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