My athiest Gaurdian Angel

While reading the chapter about Abraham Lincoln and how the masses fought to give him a religion, paired with the class discussion we had about how people like to assign you a role even after you die I found myself kind of scared to think about how powerful religion can really be. I just seem so crazy to think that people would force their own thoughts onto you even after you’ve died, that they would really keep categorizing and disagreeing with you even after your gone. I understand the arguments while you’re alive I guess in their heads their wanting to save your soul or something like that but that fact that you’re not even safe seems almost disrespectful to your own religion at that point. For instance, when a non-believer dies wouldn’t it be insulting to you and your entire religion to say that they are in heaven now or that they’re watching over you after you know that it clearly states in your religion that non-believers are not destined for heaven? I feel like that statement undermines all the work and efforts believers put into earning a spot in eternal paradise. Now I’m not religious or anything but I just feel like so much more is implied in statements like those. I get that the idea of a family member or loved one burning in hell forever is a tough pill to swallow but at the end of the day that’s what is ultimately supposed to be happening isn’t it? Most people wouldn’t admit that maybe something is wrong with a God who would send good caring people to burn forever for not believing or worshipping him enough, yet I feel like that is implied in instances like that. Otherwise, why not just keep quiet about the entire thing and just quietly admit that that one difference between you and them is that even if they were a better and more caring person they’ll still burn forever because they didn’t give this all knowing and all powerful god enough validation. It all just seems so childish to me, in that situation what would make you any more deserving than the person who was clearly so much better than you. It’s like if sports were all decided by how much you kissed up to the referee, where even if you played by the rules and genuinely beat the other team you still lost because the other team was nicer and smiled more often at the officials.

3 thoughts on “My athiest Gaurdian Angel

  1. Im not to surprised of the certain types of individuals that will continue to force their own beliefs and points of views onto others even after they have passed away. They no longer have to worry about you disagreeing with them when your dead. These individuals are not open to the ideas of others interpretations on life. I guess thats why it is important to give others a clear understanding on what you believe or not when you are alive. I honestly wouldn’t care to much about what people would say about me when I’m gone. I just hope the listener understands its someone else’s interpretation of what they think I stood for.


  2. I agree that it would probably be like a slap in the face to say that a non-believer is in heaven. Just goes to show that Christianity & its fundamentals are so heavily ingrained in society that people utilize religious concepts everyday without batting an eyelash. Once people die, though, once they no longer exist, it’s like they have no voice, so people assign them one, usually through some kind of Christian-type thing. I don’t know what to call it, but it’s definitely a thing. I see it all the time.


  3. It does get frustrating sometimes to see how much religion is forced upon people. Someone sneezes and we say “bless you”, why? Religion is something that follows us from born to death, but will it always be like this? Is there any way to live life? I could massacre a bunch of people and then ask for forgiveness from God and then go to heaven, or I could live a prayerless life where no intentional harm is done and go to hell.

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