Holy Death

For my semester project, i would like to study the emergence of the saint death or holy death that has been taking over some of the poorer Latino spaces as of late. For anyone who doesn’t know the Saint death is the physical embodiment of death, who is supposed to represent a new saint for some of the poorer Catholics in Hispanic areas. Saint death is a female skeleton portrayed usually in white or black robes in the typical grim reaper like image most of us have. Her purpose to fill the gaps that many poor feel that their God has left them with. She is also known as the saint of last resort or of the sinners because of the types of people who worship her and the types of request she gets.

As you can imagine many people have a huge problem with her and are mistakenly calling her satanic and unholy. Id, like to take a deeper look into this phenomenon because although I, may see where the idea that shes satanic and evil comes from, in truth it’s actually quite the opposite. She’s the last shred of religion and holiness these people have left to hope on or to pray to, they ask for help where God would ignore them and then ask him for forgiveness for what they have done. in my project id like o see what kind of prayers are made, what sacrifices are given, and just what is going in these areas and peoples mind that has allowed for something like this to emerge. and not just emerge but thrive.

1 thought on “Holy Death

  1. This is awesome, I have heard “Santa Muerte” used but Ive never asked what/who it was. Ive always thought of it as a reaper of some kind. I look forward for the education.


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