Annotated bibliography

CNA. “Mexican Prison Massacre May Have ‘Saint Death’ Ties.” Catholic News Agency, Catholic News Agency, 14 July 2017,

This source is quite short but still proves that this is becoming a problem that won’t simply go away on its own. It is also important to notice that the Catholic church has begun to take steps to stop the spread and condemn those who choose to follow this path. It also gives a good example that people are willing to commit massacres on massive scales for her, which is not to happen with smaller superstitions, further showing the gravity of the situation. This source is very emotionally driven and biased towards one group but it is a good example since this group is the one in charge of the official rules.

Rezac, Mary. “Have You Heard of Saint Death? Don’t Pray to Her.” Catholic News Agency, Catholic News Agency, 4 Nov. 2017,

This is a better example that even the Vatican has started to notice the growth of this new saint and the consequences it can have. It shows that this is no longer a problem for the poor and rural areas of Latin America but that its influence is spreading. The divide is also brought up in this article but not acknowledged which only proves that even within the same section of a religion there can be very different opinions and lifestyles. This source is very one-sided against this new “saint” and paints her out to be a demon but its opinions are valuable since this is the official viewpoint of the church.

Tucker, Duncan. “Santa Muerte: The Rise of Mexico’s Death ‘Saint’.” BBC News, BBC, 1 Nov. 2017,

In this article, we get a more informative view of the rituals and the history of the so-called saint death. It’s not a biased piece and can be used to introduce the story of how its influence spread as well as how it wasn’t something that is new, rather it’s been reclaimed from the time of the Aztecs. It is also used to explain how she has received such a negative portrayal in the media.

Aslan, Reza. “By Embracing Death, Santa Muerte Followers Enjoy Life.” CNN, Cable News Network, 19 Apr. 2017,

We are given a further look into the kind of people who actively worship the new saint and why they are more likely to do so. we see that there are many factors that can affect whether or not someone finds peace with this saint or fear. The problem in this article is that there are mostly theories and there wasn’t enough evidence or interviews to get a glimpse of everyone and their motives.

Cartel de Santa. Santa Muerte, 2004

This is a song by a major rap group in Mexico, who have been known to have gang ties and many felonies to their names. they actively support her and use their music to convert and as an offering to her. I will be translating parts of the song to show why people are so against her and this new wave of worship.

5050 Flow malandro. Santa Muerte. 2017

Another song that proves this movement is not slowing down and gives us more insight into how newer generations are using the imagery and offerings to the saint.

Pérez, Victoria. “Hablamos Con Los Devotos De La Santa Muerte: Aquellos Que Rezan a La Muerte En Sí Misma.” Gizmodo En Español,, 31 Oct. 2017,

The author of this article gets a more personal experience since she does not write from an outside country looking in instead she writes from the heart of it in Mexico. Its a unique look from the point of view from someone who has seen it evolve around her, with this we can see some changes and have it explained from an insiders point of view.


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