Religion sets a terrible example

In this weeks reading, as usual, I tended to agree with what we read and I also felt like some of my previous viewpoints and research was proven correct again. In my last semester, I had to write a paper where I explained why I believe religion can be oppressive to women. In it and much like the second chapters of our readings I studied the example of the virgin birth and the kind of example this and others in religion had set for women.

I found it kind of odd that the Bible doesn’t really give women many examples of strong and independent women and arguably the most important one, the mother of Jesus has to be a virgin to remain “pure” or worthy enough to give birth to the son of god. The idea that a woman’s worth is taken away when she is no longer a virgin is pretty disgusting and insulting. And the fact that God had to go out of his way and mess with biology and life itself so that his perfect son could be born to a worthy woman who remained worthy even through pregnancy sets a terrible example and is downright a terrible stigma that God himself seems to have created.

Another problem that I have is the way people seem to pick and choose what applies to them and what they want to do. I have seen it time and time again where people equate their trips to church with their level of goodness. It’s a terrible mentality to have if you think you can go around abusing people all week and then have it washed away because you sat through an hour of mass, then you are not a good person. For example the poem in Westminister  Abbey we have the example of the person who prays for the bombing of another nation but safety for himself, or he wants change to happen but is too lazy to do it himself.  While the poem is set to be a little it more exaggerated it’s not that far off from real life. For example, any war that has ever been has had two sides, and each side usually thinks its right and the other is wrong. so, what do you say to the person on the other side praying that you get bombed and he doesn’t? do you tell him whoever wins is the one God wanted to win? what if you swear you’re in the right but he does too?  Or what about the people who pray for the end of world hunger or for world peace? Its been two thousand years since Jesus died and world hunger is still around and id be willing to bet everything that you’re not the first person since then to pray that it stops. Two thousand years and who knows how many millions of prayers later, there are still kids dying of hunger all over the world. I’m no genius and I’ve never studied this under the scientific method, but I’m pretty sure I’m right when I say it’s not enough.

I don’t want to offend anyone and say that the thought is meaningless but its just not enough, if you truly want something done then do something to get it done.


2 thoughts on “Religion sets a terrible example

  1. I am a genius and I have studied it using the scientific method and I can assure you that its not enough. ;D
    It’s definitely an issue when someone believes they have done actual work by praying. Its almost like placing the responsibility on God – “oh I’ve prayed, its all on GOD now”
    Suppose you had to make a choice – one or the other. You pray for a person who is very ill or you actually find and give them medicine. Doesn’t take a genius to realize which one would have the best outcome.


  2. *Clapping* Yes! Thank you!
    There are people with better morals and ethics that have never set foot in church. Simply attending church or praying to God does not make someone good or set their place in heaven. Thank you for your thoughts on the implications of the Bible on women. I have never understood why we should remain “pure” and untouched as a means of being a “good” girl. Growing up, and still, I have seen girls and women judged for having an active and healthy sex life. The double standard on this has always been obnoxious to me. We don’t see fathers asking their sons to make a promise of purity yet there are actual events similar to proms where fathers and daughters celebrate such a thing. It all seems so backward to me.
    Thank you again! Love this post!


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