Who cares?

After our last discussion about our purpose and why we exist, I was left alone with my thoughts and stumbled across something I had forgotten a long time ago. We are lucky to even have the time to think about such things. surviving can sometimes be enough, I don’t really see a reason to give ourselves such false importance. maybe its the mindset im in or maybe its something else, but I don’t think we should spend our entire lives looking for a reason to exist. Sometimes at our most basic state, most of us choose to just live or we just have to. Maybe we’re scared or happy with what we have but i cant imagine the tragic events that need to happen for us to give up on that. Whether we are religious or not shouldn’t we try to make the best of what we have here? Don’t we all owe it to ourselves to strive for something or someone here in this life?

I guess I’m just angry and I can’t really focus on wondering why we’re here. If there is a god and this is the life he envisioned for us, then its sick and twisted and some people deserve a better life or a better god. And if there is no God then that makes more sense, no one has to care and there’s no meaning for the tragedy that goes on. Everything is just some kind of coincidence in a chaotic universe that is completely indifferent to your feelings or your life. I think that’s a lot easier to live with. I don’t think I could forgive someone who could help and chose not to. The universe doesn’t care and it doesn’t pretend to care so I won’t hold it up to those standards but if you call yourself all good and all powerful and just watch things die without a single care, then maybe you’re lying about one of those.

2 thoughts on “Who cares?

  1. Good Post- I watched this video a couple days ago. His name is Aron Ra and is the president of the Atheist Alliance of America. If you skip to minute 49 he gives a short view on the meaning of life. Id be curious if you agree with what he had to say.


  2. There is a definite correlation between privilege and time to think about existence (extensively). Most people who are working low wage jobs or working multiple jobs to make ends meet work more than they have time to ponder the meaning of life. Why would they want to with the minimal free time they have? It puts things in perspective for sure. I know the meaning of life is not something I really have time to dwell on these days. School and work keeps me busy and I sleep when I’m not doing either one.


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