God is the only good

In our readings for this week, we saw one of the oldest arguments against atheism. It’s the argument that the only reason we as human beings are good is because we have a God to fear and guide us.

I’ve always argued against this on both sides because on one the side of the theist it only argues that no one is good and that the only reason people don’t go around killing and stealing is because of fear. Which in my opinion doesn’t translate to being a good person at all, it’s just a bad person who knows better. And even though I’m usually a pessimistic person I want to at least believe that we at least have some basic goodness or kindness that keeps us from murdering each other. I like to believe that being good is not something that happens just because you’re not a bad person, which is a concept some people don’t seem to understand.  I believe that you have to strive to be good and that if you want to truly be good you must work on it and actively do good things. You cant just say that you are not a bad person and then that, that by default makes you a good person. it’s like a positive and a negative numbers you can be a neutral zero.

That being said I believe most people are either at a neutral zero or in the negatives, but they use the church and small donations to convince themselves they’re much higher in the positives then they really are. I’ve also tried to argue that church doesn’t do anyone but you any good, and good and bad isn’t something that we can decide for ourselves. That’s like convincing yourself your not a mean person when everyone around you all agrees you are in fact a bit of an asshole. and again going to church may clean some sins away in the eyes of your God but to the rest of us your still an asshole.

I also don’t like the arguments people have for not believing the big bang theory.  I’ve even discussed this with people whose main argument was that it was just a theory still, to which I would reply that God is essentially at most just a theory too. I don’t get why people need to assign such a reason and purpose for everything, why can’t some things just be a coincidence?

1 thought on “God is the only good

  1. I don’t know, I would say it’s difficult to think anything is a coincidence, considering how things happen. The way they happen, I mean. I do agree that maybe some things might not have a purpose, or they may not be as deep as people try to make them. As far as church goes, I know for a fact that lots of folks are only “good” because they think God is watching. It’s sad. They only go to church, pay their tithes, pray, simply because they believe their spot in heaven will be secured that way. If only they could accept where their tithes are actually going… Great post!


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