Today I just wanted to talk about the Bully experience we had during the movie. I am usually not a fan of musicals but I did end up enjoying this one quite a bit. I thought he did a great job of telling the story without really going into the story of Sam without going straight to his point of view. I think that was a great move on his part because it really showed you how he felt like he already didn’t have a voice. I also thought it gave a very good point of view of some of what the bullies were going through, and while I do agree that they are still to blame I appreciate him showing the complexity of this issue. I have to admit it was a little hard to watch considering some of the events that happened recently. Id like to think I left with more knowledge about some of these things. I’m seriously rethinking some of the things I do or the way I act around people. I don’t think I’m a bad person but maybe I just need to be more watchful around the people around me.

Id also like to talk about the presentation we got on Thursday and my thoughts about that. First of all, I really enjoyed the presentation and really enjoyed his open mindedness. I thought he made some really good points and I’m actually pretty appreciative that he brought this movement to my attention as it was happening. I can’t help but feel lucky ill be alive to witness the changes that will be going on. I mean after all he did say it only happens every 500 hundred years, so the chances of you lucking out are pretty low. One of the first thoughts that came to my mind when he started was that maybe he’d bring up the new Catholic Pope and how “liberal” he has been compared to the others. Another point that struck me was his view of post-theism and this is something I’ve also thought about before and its something that still terrifies me to this day. I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this but I don’t really find it comforting to think that God is some kind of supernatural and unimaginable being. I mean I can see the argument and it actually makes a lot of sense but at the same time, it makes you feel so disconnected and honestly inspires more fear than love or respect. It may be just me but I feel like being all knowing and all powerful would make you feel more indifferent to the lives and problems faced by us as being so small and dumb compared to him.

I don’t know again maybe its just me but I don’t think love for God should be inspired by fear of hell, that seems like a very fake and shallow love. if anything its more abusive than loving.

2 thoughts on “Bully/God

  1. I think people who believe in God need the idea that he/she/it is not like them. Believers don’t want the idea that their God can ever be challenged and possibly defeated. I’m sure its like being a small child with a an older brother or tough father that will always be there to protect you. I do agree with you on how this relationship seems one sided. You have to devote and give yourself to this person, believe whatever they say and live according to how they think is best, without once knowing if all the time spent is going to mean anything.


  2. I completely agree with your opinion on the movie. I feel like I would have like more dialogue but I enjoyed it overall. Also my parents have never liked any pope and they’re “catholic” but they certainly like the views of the new pope.


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