End of semester

I kind of like the idea of having somewhere to write all my thoughts and I’ve also enjoyed all the learning we’ve had in this class.  I honestly did learn a lot and not just textbook information but information that has actually led me to make changes in my life and not just information for a grade. one of the most important things I think I learned was that I really need to lighten up on my views of religion. I seemed to have all this pent up anger and realized that a lot of people who went through similar situations don’t end up having the same mindsets as me. i think that maybe that’s a good thing. maybe we are just processing things differently and they are just finding whatever way they can to cope and i shouldn’t be so angry or judgemental about it. maybe I don’t need religion to live my life but they might and its not my place to try and take that from them. i also shouldn’t be a hypocrite and try to force my ideas of religion on them..i can’t believe it took me that long to make that connection if we’re being honest. but again i always appreciate any class that can teach me something for longer than a few weeks at a time and can make an actual impact on my life.

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